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Shamisen Live and Fermented Seasonal Course Meal at Shoutatei

Join us in May, the season of bonito fish, for a unique culinary experience. Inspired by the Kabuki play, ‘Kamiyui Shinza,’ our cuisine features a course centered around fresh bonito. As you savor the flavors, immerse yourself in the performance of Nagauta Shamisen by ‘Tobaya Satomatsu.’ We also have interactive talk sessions and a brief explanation of Nagauta Shamisen, making this a truly engaging event for all.

Nagauta Shamisen, a traditional Japanese musical instrument, takes center stage in the Kabuki theater. Its distinct sound, characterized by a long neck and three strings, accompanies various dramatic performances, adding a lively and rhythmic element to the theatrical experience. ‘Tobaya Satomatsu,’ a renowned performer, skillfully masters this instrument, promising a captivating performance that will leave all attendees in awe.

Tobaya Satomatsu

Intimate setting in heart of Tokyo

Passing through the entrance curtain feels like stepping into a scene from a film by Yasujirō Ozu.

Shoutatei, a captivating traditional Japanese restaurant, offers a unique fusion of upscale kaiseki restaurants and laid-back izakayas. Its intimate setting, with counter seating, provides a rare opportunity to indulge in dishes that evoke the comfort of home-cooked meals, all accompanied by a meticulously curated selection of sake. 

Unlike typical izakayas, where the focus is on drinking, Shoutatei encourages patrons to savor food and engage in conversations with the staff, fostering a genuinely one-of-a-kind, warm, and welcoming atmosphere.

Shoutatei 章太亭

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