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TOKYO HERITAGE PARTNERS (THP) is a consortium of groups and organizations of professional performing artists, artisans, and food specialists working in the various sectors of Japanese cultural heritage in Tokyo and its adjacent areas. We formed THP to represent each partner’s interest in providing Japanese traditional crafts, content, and experiences to high-end business clients overseas, such as luxury shops, Japanese restaurants, and foreign travel agencies(FTAs). We also work for domestic travel agencies, hotels, and educational institutions. Collaborating with our partners and its network, THP provides high-end/authentic cultural resources and programs to fulfill the needs of our clients. 

Tour Program Development

Heritage Arts & Crafts

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Japanese Food Consulting


Event Coordination


Our Clients

We provide services to many prestigious clients, including government agencies, embassies, international business organizations, luxury hotels, and DMOs. 

Tokyo as a hub of culture

THP has been working with Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVD) since 2021 as an “Expert” in developing luxury tour programs. We have been developing many model tour programs and seminars for luxury hotel concierges and DMCs in Tokyo. Here is the article featuring one of our works.


Fair Trade

Tokyo Heritage Partners will conduct business based on the “Fair Trade” policy. We aim to preserve the cultural heritage and encourage young generations to succeed and evolve the tradition. Furthermore, we support our partners to continue their activities with adequate social and economic appreciation.

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