English Rakugo Event with Ryusuitei Hanabi

Ryusuitei Hanabi, a professional Rakugo performer, will hold a solo performance on Sunday, June 25, 2023, at rojicoya cafe in Kitasenju. Hanabi is one of a few professional Rakugo performers performing Rakugo, a comic monologue storytelling in Japan, in English. THP’s partner, rojicoya, will host this event. 

Project summary

The event targets English-speaking audiences living in or visiting Tokyo. In addition, we are considering live (or archive) streaming (pay-per-view) of the event worldwide. This is the first time rojicoya is approaching foreign audiences. The project will be co-managed by THP.

This is part of THP’s ongoing promotion of Japanese traditional culture to global society. 


Access to rojicoya cafe

36-1 Senju Asahi-cho, Adachi, Tokyo: 3miniutes walk from Kitasenju Station

Ryusuitei Hanabi

Ryusuitei Hanabi is a professional Rakugo performer. She performed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Pre-Events, Yokohama International Festival, and many other prestigious events in Japan and abroad. 

Rakugo is a Japanese art of monologue and comical storytelling. Hanabi brings the art to international audiences by transforming it into a multi-language monologue. Preserving the essence of Rakugo tradition, she adds a sense of modern humanity and universal empathy, touching the heart of young and old, Japanese and non-Japanese.

She is a multi-talented performer, engaged in various entertainment areas, including radio DJ,  MC, TV reporter, and magazine writer. Recently, she was featured in a Google Pixel commercial in Japan. She was also selected as Tokyo Minato City Tourism Ambassador.


Rojicoya is a group of professional performing artists, many young, including the national champions, in traditional Japanese performing arts, music, and dance. With a vast network of top-class Japanese artists and performers, Rojicoya arranges many live performances, workshop programs, and events in Tokyo and beyond. Authentic Japanese cultural experience is here.